Five Futuristic Substances We Have Today


It appears there are no limits to what human intelligence can achieve. Innovation has been the hallmark of every stage of human civilization, with new and exciting gadgets being produced that have drastically transformed our way of life. The seemingly impossible has been made possible through cutting-edge scientific research and advancements in technology. Here are five substances which will shape our conversations and thoughts for many years to come, and the sheer ingenuity that has gone into making them a reality will surprise you. Molecular Superglue If you are a regular use of superglue, I am sure that your fingers getting stuck together is the last thing you would want, because separating them can be real trouble, and painful too! That pain would be nothing in comparison to that caused by glue that bonds molecules. Some researchers from England have come up with molecular glue after carefully studying Streptococcus pyogenes, otherwise known as flesh-eating bacteria. This bacterium uses a special protein to attach itself to human cells, which is what has been used in the molecular glue. When it came to measuring the bonds formed by this molecular glue, the measuring instrument broke even before the glue! The scientists are now looking to create selective glues whose unbelievably strong adhesive power will have many applications superglue Aerogel Sometimes called “frozen smoke

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