Seriously, NAPLAN to include Science?

In the last few weeks in Australian politics there have been critical discussions regarding the inclusion of science in NAPLAN (the National Assessment Program in Literacy and Numeracy).  Without entering too much into the debate regarding the reported advantages or disadvantages of NAPLAN, it is heartening to hear that science is at the forefront of political agenda.

NAPLAN is a series of standardised testing given to all Australian students in Grades 3, 5, 7 and 9. Beginning in 2008, these pencil/pen and paper tests assess children in set skills relating to reading, language conventions, writing and numeracy. ACARA, Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority, claim that “NAPLAN tests identify whether all students have the literacy and numeracy skills that provide the critical foundation for their learning, and for their productive and rewarding participation in the community

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2 thoughts on “Seriously, NAPLAN to include Science?

  1. If science is indeed viewed as you say, “The teaching of science will be viewed as a serious area of learning not relegated to the back-benches of fill-in afternoon sessions. Science will become high on every school’s agenda. Schools will want to meet minimum standards and become serious in how science is taught.” then it is trully amazing that Australians do so well in Science. Just imagine how much better we could do if the government increased its support in the primary years rather than relying on exceptional teachers who excite/interest their children in pursuring science in their further education. I know this is what happened to me when I was younger. I had a couple of trully great teachers who inspired me to enjoy learning. Toni Costantini.

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