Morphine Hurts

Why does Morphine cause pain?

He was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 27. At the age of 39 he was in so much pain he begged his doctors to die. He was in pain because of morphine. In the 12 years he lived since he was diagnosed he had a therapeutic regimen that allowed him to have a good quality of life. His pain was controlled by bursts of sustained-relief morphine twice a day. Up until a family trip in November of 2000 there were no problems. Then the pain got inexplicably worse.

“Beating, shooting, stressful, squeezing, piercing, constant and terrifying” were the words he used to describe his torment. Any movement made it worse. In the end he had to lay ‚Äúvery, very still

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  1. Fascinating subject Charles. I am too familiar with what morphine and hydromorphone are capable of due to a cancer case in my family. The doctors said to us “pain is history, we’re not in middle ages anymore.” I feel for the guy and his family.

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