Learning trends among students at universities



To study in today’s world is a vastly different thing than studying in the past. With the rise of the Internet, information has become available at a faster and easier way than ever. New learning trends are evolving, with technology being the main culprit. The aim of this article is to analyze how different learning trends are evolving, and which predispositions enabled them to evolve.

Methods of learning

A lot of thought has been put into researching new methods of learning, and accessing the efficiency of well known, thoroughly used existing methods of learning. Surprisingly, the „tried and true“ methods, such as rereading, keywords, highlighting and summarizing were all found to be very ineffective methods of learning. The methods which involved the student most, either by presenting them with a challenge or making use of their own ability of critical thinking were found to be the best methods for quick, easy, and satisfying learning.
With the rise of technology, a new and efficient method of learning is quickly becoming widely accepted, and that is online learning. Taking virtual classes, and even whole virtual schools are becoming commonplace today, and this method has proven to be effective as it has a lot of room to maneuver, and by the use of software it can duplicate real world environments and situations for a fraction of the cost. 50% of students said that they enjoyed the materials learned in virtual classes, as opposed to the 32% of students that said the same about traditional class methods.


Accessing information

Accessing information is now easier than it was ever before, largely due to technological advances. The modern student has a lot more tools at his disposal than, for example, a student just 50 years ago. These tools allow quick, easy, cheap and reliable access to information in ways never thought possible before. Quick access to information has largely reduced the time necessary to acquire learning materials, and because of that, has increased the efficiency of learning by a large margin. A quick Internet search has replaced reading through dozens of books for information, and studies show that more and more students rely on the Internet as their main source of information. As this research paper shows, students are using online information not just for school, but it is also their main source of information for everyday situations.

Technology and learning

Technology has changed the way we perceive the world around us. Today quickly accessing information and being connected has become an elementary human right, and it is technology that laid the path to quick information access. Whereas before students were limited to the use of books, notebooks, paper and other physical media, now it is possible to have all the knowledge required saved up on your smartphone or computer. Various portable devices, such as tablets and laptops, have enabled students to carry the equivalent of thousands of books in their bag. This kind of easy information access is unprecedented, and has, as such, made learning today quicker than ever.

Classroom 1

Classrooms today come equipped with smartboards, Wi-Fi, and other utilities, which make the learning process much easier and the information presented easier to comprehend and absorb. Students are using their smartphones and smartwatches, such as the so-called cheating watch especially designed for learning, as a way to quickly check information, or to recap on a passed lecture, with many of them actually recording lections and posting them on the Internet. A recent study has shown that a staggering 53% of students would like their schools to let them use their mobile phones in the facility, as a method to improve their learning.


Technology is changing everything around us, and even basic things, such as learning, are adapting and evolving in ways never before thought possible. New learning methods are making a positive change by increasing the overall happiness and interest of the students themselves, and by making the knowledge easier for lecturers to present.


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