Electric Car Batteries that Last for 20 Years


The benefits of using electric cars are indisputable and numerous. They help in reducing greenhouse gases as they don’t emit tailpipe pollutants. They are fast, elegant and popular. However, there are some problems that seem to be impossible to solve – and this is what makes electric cars less desirable than their internal combustion engine counterparts.

Most electric car models are quite expensive, but the thing that makes them even pricier is regular battery replacement. However, electricity is cheaper than gas and drivers who boast electric vehicles say that saving the environment is definitely worth it.

But what about safety? While electric cars are safer for drivers due to the batteries’ high impact resistance, they may not be as good for pedestrians. Their engine is silent and rarely heard by people and this often leads to accidents.

Finally, the biggest disadvantage may be the waste of time – most models need hours to charge. Also, as electric cars heavily depend on recharging stations, they instill “range fear

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